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Numbered Newsletters

  • #1: Compressors for Airing Up Your Tires... An Overview
  • #2: Safe and Effective Kinetic Energy Recovery
  • #3: Shackles Smackles - What's in a Name?
  • #4: The Five Levels of Off-Road Competence
  • #5: Purchase and Modify Your 4WD Vehicle with a Specific Use in Mind
  • #6: The Lexicon of Recovery
  • #7: There's More to it Than Brewing a Cup of Tea!
    (The STOPA Stuck Assessment and Recovery Plan Checklist™)
  • #8: MasterPull and Off-Road Safety Academy Team Up to Make Kinetic Energy Recovery More Effective, Efficient, and Safer
  • #9: Are Old Style Jumper Cables a Thing of the Past? YES.
  • #10: Determine Your Off-Road or Overlanding Adventure's Degree of Safety and Comfort
  • #11: Winch Maintenance - A Funny Thing Happened When I Went to Use My Winch
  • #12: Determining Mechanical Advantage When Using Winch Pulleys
  • #13: CB Radio for Car-to-Car Communications
  • #14: You Have a Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND). So, Why Do You ALSO Need a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)?
  • #15: GuzzlerH2O "Stream" Model Overview - A New In-Field Water Disinfection System

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